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It is easy to get caught up in ministry

Do you remember why

you do what you do?

One of life's biggest privileges and joys is to be called a spiritual leader, but it is not easy.

It is one of the most challenging jobs on the planet. Ministering to others, though rewarding, can take its toll on you and sometimes cause you to wrap your identity in the success or failure of the ministry you serve.

As we lead others to have a relationship with Jesus, we can lose ours before we know it.

All of us have heard when riding a plane to put the oxygen mask on yourself before you put it on someone else. It is important to note that God has not called you into ministry but intimacy, and out of the intimacy, He will show you where He wants you involved.

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We invite you to join Mark Neal and Doug Rife on an 8-week experience of abiding by principles and hearing from the voice of God with other spiritual leaders like you.

Whether you feel good about where you are or you feel like the biggest failure, the most significant decision you will make at this moment is to invest in making sure that the oxygen mask is on first as you lead others.
This experience is not about getting things back to normal, the latest growth tips for your church, or the best ways to put butts in the seats of your church.

Our mission is to restore hope, encourage health, and promote wholeness to shepherds everywhere. Consider the oxygen mask being dropped right now. Will you put the mask on so that you can be the healthiest version of yourself to continue to lead others to Jesus?

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