Clarity Ministries | Mark Neal

Guiding Leaders To a Greater Balance in Ministry and Life

Clarity Ministries - Pastors and business leaders engaged in discussion at a Clarity Retreat

Many pastors, Business leaders and volunteers are passionately serving others, but running out of gas.

They don’t know where to find the strength they need to meet all the needs that press on them. They are losing their soul while pursuing their calling.

Ministry is complex and confusing on a personal level for families and in managing the difficulties and complexities of church life.

Many of these leaders are under-resourced and lead while experiencing loneliness and pressure.

Clarity Ministries Can Help

clarity events

These workshops give you a clear direction and a new path forward in ministry.

Clarity Coaching

Coaching and mentoring can bring us encouragement, growth, and the simple reminder that we are not alone.

Clarity Retreats

One of the biggest things that ministry leaders struggle with is prioritizing rest and restoration for themselves.

Clarity with your soul

An online experience that focuses on not losing your soul while you are leading God’s church.


Leaders We Have Helped

Going through Abiding reignited a desire for me to spend more time with the Father.


From Ohio

Simply life changing. I do not know what else to say. Without servant warriors my future would look a lot different.

Ministry Leader

From Texas

I was on my way to transitioning out of ministry until I met Mark and became a part of servant warriors. God used my participation in abiding calls and personal mentorship to renew my calling to ministry and I am excited for the days ahead.


From Michigan

One part spiritual formation, one part psychology, another part leadership development, and 100% authentic, I found the Abiding course both life-giving and personally enlightening.


From California