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One of the biggest detriments as a leader is when we do ministry and life alone.

This leads to discouragement and lack of clarity, and you could eventually find yourself no longer fulfilling your calling in ministry.

Coaching and mentoring can bring us encouragement, growth, and the simple reminder that we are not alone. Eighty percent of people who receive coaching and mentoring report increased self-confidence, and over seventy percent benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and enhanced communication skills.

With over twenty years of ministry experience utilizing training and curriculum, this course will assess, develop, train, and grow leaders in all facets of personal and professional life.

We equip ministry leaders to build life plans and strategic leadership strategies that meet current challenges. We are certified in Intelligent Leadership Executive coaching that works on the inner and outer core in developing who God made you to be.

If you find yourself stuck with a decision in ministry, wanting to continue to grow and develop yourself, or discouragement or loneliness sinking in, we would love to walk alongside you to strengthen you for the calling God has called you.

We offer one-on-one coaching, mentorship, and group coaching throughout the year.

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Join a coaching cohort with other leaders for $100 once a month or $200 biweekly.