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Mark Neal

Mark is the Executive Director of Clarity Ministries, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping pastors, ministry leaders, and Christian business leaders find clarity in God’s direction for their lives. He does this in several ways by hosting retreats and coaching and mentoring pastors and ministry leaders focusing on health, wholeness, and intelligent executive leadership. He offers coaching focused on strategy and hosting clarity events all over the nation that helps encourage and strengthen leaders within the local church.

Mark was in pastoral ministry for 25 years. For 20 years, Mark was a Lead Pastor and primary teacher at three different churches. Mark has planted a church, pastored a mega church, and revitalized a church. Lead pastoring in these three distinctive contexts has helped him successfully mentor and coach pastors and spiritual leaders no matter their ministry stage or context.


Mark is passionate about pastors and ministry leaders not losing their souls while leading God’s church. He and his wife, Lori, have been married for 25 years, and they have two grown children and a teenage daughter still at home.


His whole life has been deeply connected to the ministry. He grew up in a pastor’s home, spent time on staff, planted a church in Las Vegas, and led multiple large churches. Mark has learned that ministry is complex and confusing on a personal level, for families, and also in managing the difficulties and complexities of church life.


He knows what it is like to do ministry in an unhealthy way and how to do it when living and leading from health and wholeness. His burden is for pastors and leaders who are losing their souls while pursuing their calling. Many of these are under-resourced and leading while experiencing loneliness and pressure.


  • 46% of pastors under the age of 45 are considering quitting
  • 34% of pastors 45+ are considering leaving the ministry.
  • One thousand five hundred pastors leave the ministry every month.
  • Only 33% of all pastors believe themselves to be healthy in their personal life while serving in ministry


These ministry leaders are much like those coming home from military service. They need the care and resources to help them stay healthy in their personal, family, and ministry lives so that we can keep them on the front lines. God has given him a passion for encouraging, guiding, and cheering on these choice servants.

I look forward to ministering and partnering with you!

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Horse Stamp Inn

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