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Lamar Ferrell

Lamar has been the Lead Pastor of Berachah Church in Middletown, Ohio for 25 years. Berachah is a Hebrew word which means ”place of blessing.” Berachah Church now has two campuses, and will officially open a Compassion City Center this spring to meet the physical, social, spiritual, and economic needs of their community. For 16 years, Lamar has served his community as the lead Police and Fire Chaplain in Middletown. He is the Founder and Chairman of The Master’s Mission Golf Tournament, which has raised over $350,000.00 to help children locally and globally by the theme of “PlayGolfSaveLives.”

Lamar will be married to his lovely wife, Maryanne, for 26 years in April, and they both serve as advocates for families with special needs. They are proud Middletown Middie parents and have a 23-year-old college graduate, and recently married, son named Luke, and a 20-year-old high school graduate daughter named Elley who was born with Spina Bifida, which has opened their beautiful world of ministry to the most unreached people group; families and children with disabilities and special needs. One of the highlights of their married life is organizing an annual Special Needs Prom called “One Special Night” which is open to 10 different school systems in Butler and Warren Counties.

Pastor Lamar’s passion is helping people while shepherding. He has a heart for pastors and business leaders who are in the soup of daily life. After spiraling in 2015, he needed hope, health and wellness, and through a series of events has found a road that would bring him where he is today. If he had known about Clarity Ministries years ago, he believes he would not have had to go through some of the dismal, difficult days that he walked through. Clarity Ministries allows the wonderful opportunity to join together as a family as we navigate life together.